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hris is Branch Manager and Certified Mortgage Planner with Goldwater Bank. Chris has been nationally recognized as a top 200 producer by Scotsman Guide. He approaches the mortgage industry with an innovative concept in lending. Chris takes a financial approach with each client by teaching them how to utilize their mortgage as a financial instrument while focusing on eliminating debt, maximizing investment and retirement accounts and setting up college savings. He uses his in depth knowledge of economics and the markets to create a strategy surrounding his client’s financial profile.

“You have to take a financial approach to lending. Most homeowners and first time homebuyers have never been taught how to use their mortgage as a financial instrument. It is not always the most prudent financial decision to focus on paying off your home. I teach homeowners how to move towards wealth creation by building wealth outside of the home, not in the home.”

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Purposeful Lending

A lot of people think we are in the business of doing loans but we really don’t see it that way. As Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists, we help you create, perhaps, the largest debt of your life, and unlike most lenders, we believe we have a responsibility to help you professionally manage that debt. We see our primary role as helping our borrower’s integrate the mortgage loan they select into their overall long and short-term financial and investment goals and their payment, equity, cash flow, and tax objectives.

Chris Nooney

branch manager

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