Mickey Zugheri

Senior Loan Originator

I was born in Milan, Italy and immigrated here with my parents as an infant. I became a naturalized citizen at 18 years of age to avoid a 2-year military commitment in Italy! I would have gone through the process anyway, but this made it more urgent. I am a graduate of St. Thomas High School and Letourneau University. I am married with 2 daughters, Lauren and Emma.

I got into the mortgage business by accident, as most people do it seems. I was in-between jobs and my brother had a small mortgage company and needed someone to answer the phones. I went in one day and kept coming back. I answered phones and did whatever else was needed. I really liked the energy. I asked a lot of questions and absorbed any conversation I could hear. This went on for a year. One day a new loan originator came in to the office. He quickly introduced himself and began closing mortgage loans. His name is Chris Nooney. We began working together shortly thereafter and have continued for the last 15 years.
Chris is a nationally recognized Mortgage Loan Originator. He is regularly in the top 1% in the industry. He has been asked to speak on industry panels on a few occasions. Within the next 3 to 5 years, his personal production will exceed 1 billion dollars. Very few Originators approach this level.

We currently operate a Loan Production Office for an FDIC insured bank. Our business model is one of high service and excellence. We pride ourselves on our financial approach to lending and sound, personalized mortgage structuring. We employ some of the best operations people and originators and work for an outstanding bank backed company. Simply put, we love what we do.

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